If I could just add a few more hours to each day you would find me in the garden.

When my children were babies I seemed to never have a moment to spare to dedicate to gardening in our home, and to be honest there wasn’t much garden to speak of – until two years ago our yard was just a manicured expanse of lawn.  Now after years of digging, planning, and reshaping, together with my husband and children we have created a beautiful garden for us all to enjoy. I also continue to learn from my garden loving friends, and we’re forever swapping advice, ideas, and of course, cuttings!

I have a special interest in growing flowers and experimenting with what can be grown in our local area. I am always looking to sharing bunches of blooms, packets of seeds and growing advice with anyone who has a love of flowers.

Yellow Pages 2018 Gardening Campaign with Photographer Andrew Craig

Select images courtesy of Hannah Puechmarin

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