Art Direction & Styling

Following client briefs to create imagery and video footage for advertising, social media and websites.

Photographic styling with props, products and models.

Directing visual impact of events and businesses through merchandising, on-site event styling, instore and office styling, and photographing and editing styled imagery.


Communicating the products and services of small businesses to their customers, staff, media outlets and social media channels through the written word, visual imagery and electronic platforms.

Conceptualising the direction of a company’s brand and finding the most effective ways to promote what they do and why they do it .

Running large-scale projects such as business rebranding and managing professional teams of graphic designers, sign writers, tradesmen, printers, suppliers, web designers, photographers and finance managers.

Content Creation and Education 

Creating engaging written and visual content.

Working with businesses to ensure their content is consistent and portrays the business and their brand authentically. Can be used for websites, social media, marketing collateral, media, client liaison, and staff communication.

Helping clients create their own content and establishing content planning tools to assist in the day to day running of businesses.

Content management and content strategy.

Curatorial Services

Conceptualising and designing exhibitions.

Selecting and sourcing artworks, documenting exhibitions, designing and writing catalogues, creating didactics and exhibition information to accompanying displays, public speaking and tour presentations.

Working with volunteers to install and dismantle exhibitions.

Customer Liaison

Working directly with customers to assist with any problems, replying via email, phone or letter.

Managing customer concerns when required.

Event Planning

Creating ideas for events and presenting them in written and visual pitches.

Creating event presentations including print, verbal and electronic.

Presenting event ideas to clients, committees, staff and stakeholders.

Taking briefs and creating an event around the needs of clients.

Event Management

Conceptualising and coordinating public events.

Event planning, including creating and managing spreadsheets to track and ensure smooth running of the event and open and transparent communication.

Anticipating the needs of the event including creating and running event budgets, working with key stakeholders, facilitating public consultation and coordinating staff and volunteers.

Arranging locations, equipment, coordinating teams, employing staff, supplying props, catering, coordinating working teams and getting work clearance when required. Working with local government bodies, volunteers, sponsors and small businesses involved in the event.

External and Internal communication documentation 

Writing policies and procedures, creating electronic newsletters, staff memorandums and signage.

Media, Marketing & Communications 

Writing print stories, newsletters, website content, media releases and working with journalists and media outlets to explain the story behind the client and their business.

Finding press and media opportunities, researching and deciding on the best advertising solutions to suit the needs of clients.

Booking journalists and photographers for stories and events.

Creating marketing plans for small businesses.

Directing marketing products to customers through face-to-face visits, phone calls and email contact.

Public Relations

Creating written content to connect businesses with the public and or their customers and clients.

Communicating and working with local government, suppliers, media and the public on behalf of clients.

Working with customers on queries and complaints and finding the best solutions and outcomes.

Speaking at public events and conducting newspaper and radio interviews.

Being the first point of call for contact through phone, email, social media website.

Research and Development

Presenting ideas and selecting products to recommendation clients.

Developing and creating the look and feel of a business or a product through logo, colours, style, store and office presentation, staff uniforms and website.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Setting up and maintaining social media accounts, planning both visual and written content, scheduling and posting content, arranging paid social media advertising and tracking social media engagement.